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Tear Grants Minimalism Wallpaper :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 1 0 APH China and OC!Clarissa :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 3 3 APH New Zealand :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 25 7 MHA13 Stamp :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 0 0 APH Latvia :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 10 2 Literature Tag MHA13 :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 1 0 APH Prussia and Germany :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 2 0 APH Taiwan and Nyo!Hong Kong :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 4 2 Mad Hatter Doll :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 1 0 MHA13 :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 2 0 MHA13 Old Rose :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 0 0 MHA13 Turquoise :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 0 0 When No One Comments :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 10 4
Denmark X Country!Reader: The Cost of Independence
It was all the same. “(Country Name) do this, do that.” “I’m the king, obey my wishes.” She couldn’t take it anymore. Her boss was at the edge of declaring the country’s independence whether Denmark’s boss likes it or not.
“To all who are present in this meeting, please rise.” A high ranking official said as he read the note containing the formal agreements in this kind of meetings. With a low sigh, (C/N)’s eyes wandered over to Denmark, her step-brother. She was technically under the rule of the Kingdom of Denmark but still, independence didn’t seem so bad considering (C/N) is a country rich in natural resources.
When Denmark heard of her wanting independence, his facial expression turned sour. His jolly nature vanished and was replaced with a hurt, almost devastated, state. She remembers the events clearly in her mind.
“What do you mean, Independence? Did I hear that right, (C/N)?” Denmark’s
:iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 199 135
Mad Hatter Doll :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 0 0 Bunny Buttons :iconmadhatteralice13:MadHatterAlice13 0 0


Setter up [Akaashi Keiji]
What's the first thing that happens to you when you walk into class in the morning?
Definitely not getting dragged away by your friend.
Held by an extremely tight grip, you let your body followed wherever your friend was taking you to, too tired to even protest at this point. You sighed as you felt your lifeless arm flopping up and down, feet almost tripping over itself for a few times as the both of you brisked walked through the hallways.
"Ahh...where are we going? I'm really tired.." You asked weakly before yawning, maybe you shouldn't have stayed up so late yesterday talking on the phone.
"(F/N)-chan, you don't get it! I think we found like the most perfect guy just for you! Oh man, you're going to love him so much when you see him!!" your friend squealed in happiness, as if she's the one that has been match made. You just shot her a curious look, why would you need a partner anyway? But she looked so happy in her little bubble, and you kind of didn't want to break it so you just k
:iconfanfictionofyou:Fanfictionofyou 404 48
stars | midorima shintarou
Exhausted from a typical tiring day of school and from the intense after-school study session that lasted until seven, you heave a sigh as you walk out of the school gates, walking along the path towards home with your best friend Midorima Shintarou, who seemed pretty tense after this particular day of school, mainly because of Takao.
Suffocating in silence was never your forte, so you decided to lighten up the rest of his day. Literally.
“Hey Shin-chan, look at the stars,” you say as you point to the sky, pulling onto Midorima’s shirt in an effort to give you his ultimate attention, but only adding to his darkened mood.
“Yeah, what about them,” he mumbles, obviously uninterested. Midorima takes a short glance towards you and almost blushes as he sees your face illuminating with wonder, gesturing him to look at the sky.
He doesn't hesitate to look up to the endless sky so as to avoid your gaze.
He stands there for a moment, and takes the time to stare
:iconjaynanase:JayNanase 61 26
Taking Responsibility Kise x Reader
Kise Ryouta isn't your type of man. Not that you have something against him or anything, its just that you don't fangirl on his every being.
Yes, he is handsome, good in playing basketball, tall, good looking and everything...but he isn't just the type of person who is your ideal man. don't have an ideal man to begin with...
Kise is trouble. A big trouble...
"(Name)-chii?" A voice whispered with worry.
"(Name)-chii?" The voice called again.
Slowly, you opened your eyes. And (eye color) orbs met golden ones.
"Ryouta..." you murmured...closing your eyes again.
"You okay, (name)?"
"Mmhm." You answered weakly; you felt his hand against yours tightly.
"That's great." He smiled and you felt his lips against yours. "Mika's on the third floor...if you're ready to see her...we can-"
"Mika?" You stared at Kise with confusion.
You really don't like Kise's guts...he has that super confident attitude towards everybody, especially towards you, and he acts like the two o
:icongekokujougirl:gekokujougirl 199 16
Sleepover - Murasakibara Atsushi x Reader
Since when did Murasakibara start using women’s shampoo?
Well, maybe it wasn’t, but it was still ridiculously soft.
That’s what you thought as he sat on the floor between your legs and you sat on the bed braiding his hair with a tiny pile of elastics next to you. Your tall friend was going to be spending the night at your place, but all you’d bothered doing so far was throwing him a bunch of magazines and snacks to keep him occupied while you played around with his hair. The purple locks were surprisingly soft to the touch, and eventually this happened.
Thus began the journey to see how many ponytails you could tie in his hair.
“(name)-chin, are you almost done?” Murasakibara’s lazy voice reached your ears, snapping you out of your intense concentration for a few seconds. From the sound of it, he’d been eating as he said so.
You did a quick head count. More than half the hair on his head had been pulled into tiny little pigtails- so far y
:iconinterconnecteddream:interconnecteddream 780 48
Fingertips - Midorima Shintarou x Reader
It wasn’t as if you were an antisocial person. In fact, it was quite the opposite. But no human being can go on talking forever, can they?
But of all times for the words not to come, why did it have to be now?
A ghost of a sigh parted your lips, and you glanced around the Shutoku basketball team’s locker room. At the moment, you would’ve been grateful for even a clock to stir up some noise in the tense atmosphere. There were only five minutes before the match would start, and Midorima insisted on staying inside to gather his thoughts. After shooing Takao away, you were the only person left. Technically you weren’t even supposed to be in there as a spectator for the match, but you’d snuck in at the last second to cheer him on and found him sitting all alone with a cloudy look in his eyes. You definitely weren’t going to leave him, but now what? He’d been sitting on the opposite side of the bench for what felt like an eternity now. Your palms fel
:iconinterconnecteddream:interconnecteddream 543 35
Midorima Shintarou/Reader ~ Efforts
"_______-san. I like you. Please go out with me," said a certain green-haired three-pointer, his green eyes looking through yours with much sincerity and seriousness. After a few seconds, he broke the gaze he was sharing with you then averted his eyes to the side, his cheeks turning into a shade of pink. At that moment, Midorima Shintarou, the Midorima Shintarou, Shuutoku's shooting guard and former vice-captain and shooter of the Generation of Miracles, confessed his well-kept feelings for you as his cold, stoic and intimidating demeanor came crashing down, revealing a shy, awkward young man.
Of course, you couldn't deny that you couldn't possibly turn down this confession. You always wanted to know how it felt like when some guy asked you out and you got your wish. Plus, the guy in front of you is, well, cool in his own way. He's Midorima Shintarou for crying out loud! Also, you developed this small crush on him the moment you watched him play basketball at this match against
:iconfaline4:faline4 283 43
Akashi x Reader How Do I Love Thee?
Akashi x Reader How Do I Love Thee?
[A/N: I’ll be doing two challenges from Lunaescence, which are 12 Months to Fall, and 10 Stages of Love, but I’m modifying the stages of love and adding two more. For more clarification, please check the author notes before asking a question. Without further ado, please enjoy!]
1. January (~First Sight~)
Sweet, soothing music floated through the air as the red-haired violinist smoothly moved through the piece, elegantly moving his bow back and forth on the strings of his violin. His eyes slowly closed, until all his surroundings faded away, and the music was the only thing he could hear and feel.
To a normal person, the music would be thought to be perfect, hitting every note, getting the rhythm right, and producing a pleasant sound to the ear. However, to a more experienced person, they would think that the music was bland.
People would argue that the music was brilliant; experts disagreed. No matter how accurately the violinist played,
:iconbookwormangel33:bookwormangel33 168 24
jersey [mayuzumi chihiro]
Mayuzumi Chihiro x Fem!Reader
Mayuzumi never liked it when people, including you, touched his things. For some odd reason, he also dislikes seeing you in his clothes. Still, that didn't stop you from creeping into his room whenever you have the chance to try on his clothes (despite being told not to, but you're a rebel). This is usually done when he's away, like today.
'[Name], I'm going out to the library,' Mayuzumi muttered as he strolled past the living room, grabbing his jacket that was on the couch you were lying on. You perked up at this, and put down the manga you were reading to look at him.
'Oh, okay!' you chirped, beaming like a child. Leaping up, you wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your cheek against his. Blushing faintly at your action, he quickly and awkwardly returned your hug before pushing you off and leaving, shutting the door behind him. You waited, and once you were sure that he was gone, you hopped off the couch and dashed upstairs.
You barged int
:iconvocaloidlenkarinto:VocaloidLenkaRinto 137 26
An alliance of love ~ Chapter 18 (Bad end 3)
I could still feel the fire. Its flames, the destructive heat, the building that collapsed around me. I recognized the scene, not just of the fire I had experienced myself. I had seen this in a dream before. Corpses spread around the floor, my loved ones included. Was there no one to save me from this place? I wanted to feel comforting arms around me, but those lay burned in front of me. Comfort was nowhere to be found. And I was better off dead, rejoined with those I had lost. I wanted to die so badly, but I could not let myself fall down yet. Even though everyone was gone, I could hear their voices whispering.
‘Keep living’
‘Take revenge’
‘We love you’
My eyes shot open, my surroundings hazy, not coming into clear vision quickly. Confused I tried to sit up, but my body screamed in pain. I felt hands push me down again and softly I could feel the sheets of a bed underneath me.
“Please don’t try to move,
:iconaafje98:Aafje98 11 9
Sweet Little Lamb: Yandere! Ferid Bathory x Reader
🐑Sweet Little Lamb🐑
Ferid Bathory x Human! Teen! Reader

Being part of the Moon Demon Company has it's perks but, it also has incredible downsides.
The Vampires...
Going out on patrol outside the walls, it scares me. Though...I can't tell anyone that. When I go outside, I feel a flood of negative emotions...fear, nervousness, anxiety.
'What am I going to do...' I ask myself as I shut my eyes tightly trying to stop the flow of tears. I became lost from my group after the Four Horsemen of John attacked. 'I'm pretty sure they've left by now.' I think hopelessly as I pull my knees closer to my torso.
"Awww....what do we have here~! A stray lamb~?"
My eyes widen at the sight as I look up slowly. From his black thigh-high boots to his long slivery hair, I knew this man from a long time ago...Ferid Bathroy.
All the hatred I had harbored for him came out in a scream, "You!"
"You killed my family! Y-You killed...Mi
:iconxxxrose-quartzxxx:xXxRose-QuartzxXx 199 32
Mature content
the silent game | kureto hiragi x reader :iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 55 5
After the rain [Shinya Hiiragi x Reader]
-"Soft tiger, warm tiger, little ball of... fur?"
Grey clouds in the sky, covering the sun and its very welcomed light. Destroyed buildings all around, a real apocalyptic sight. It was only the middle of the afternoon and yet, it seemed like the night was already here for hours. No trees, no birds, everything was only desolation and silence, like a bad omen. But as bad as it could be, it didn't prevent a certain girl from singing her happy tune.
-"Soft tiger, warm tiger, rawr, rawr, rawr!
-What are you saying, [Name]? It doesn't even rhyme!"
A few steps behind her, a young man was listening to this strange song, an amused glint in his eyes. Blue like the sky... or maybe the ocean? How long it has been, since [Name] saw the ocean for the last time? But that blue, the color of Shinya Hiiragi's eyes, was her favorite. Even when the heavens were at the verge of crying, and the rain was ready to pour at any instant, those orbs remained blue, forever.
-"Who cares if it doesn't rhyme? It's ab
:iconmarginalism:marginalism 109 63
stay in his good graces | Ferid Bathory
stay in his good graces.
“Is something wrong, my love?” Ferid wraps his arms around your waist, pressing his chest against your back and resting his chin on your shoulder.
You ignore the sickening feeling of his ice-cold hands and emit a quiet “no.”
His lips find your neck and pepper a few pecks here and there. You occasionally feel the smooth surface of his teeth, bared against your skin, though you know he won’t dare draw any blood. He’d made it clear that the last thing he’d want to do is hurt you (at least intentionally.)
He kisses you one last time before leaving your side. You turn around to face his retreating form and decide to indulge him. “Do you have to go?” you pout.
Though the thought of his absence is a very pleasant one, humoring the man never hurt.
“My dear, it breaks my heart to say goodbye, but the meeting shouldn’t be longer than a few hours.” He reassures. “I’ll be back before you
:iconspaceyacey:spaceyacey 52 12
Owari no Seraph - Ferid Bathory x reader - Taste
I ran as fast as I could. My lungs were burning and my legs didn’t belong to me anymore…I couldn’t feel them. Only my will kept me moving forward. Tears moistened me cheeks and I fled from the chasing shadow which I felt dangerously behind me.
“Whither goest thou…my love?”.
I stopped in my tracks as a figure blocked my path. My legs were shaking with fear and exhaustion and they barely kept me upright.
“You know that there is no point running away from the wolf my little lamp…”. I let my hand hover over my sword and was more than ready to draw it every moment. The figure still hid in the shadows and I knew that things looked black.
“What do you want…vampire?!”. Frightened I looked into these glowing orbs which lingered in the shadows…never letting me out of sight.
“What I desire…hmmm”. The pale demon took one step out of the silent darkness and finally I could face him directly. His silver h
:iconsebbi-chan:Sebbi-chan 224 64
[Red] Akashi Seijuro x Reader
Akashi SeijuroxReader: Red
(F/c): Favorite color
(Y/n): Your Last name
(F/n): First name
(H/c): Hair color
(E/c): Eye color
Sometimes you felt as though your relationship with Akashi Seijuro was as bright as a star at midnight. Other times though, you felt as if it were going to burst like the supernova that it was. He could go from being the most passionate, loveable boyfriend to a stubborn, prideful idiot in what could only be described as a whirlwind.
At times you wanted to call it all off, wish you never said yes all those months ago when he finally asked you out. But you know you’re in far too deep to pull yourself out now. He may have screwed up, but not good enough to make you break up with him.
You let out a deep sigh as you sunk into your (F/c) bed and took a long hard look at the ceiling above you. Try as you might, you couldn’t stop your thoughts from lingering on what happened a couple of hours ago.
:iconfprmr1:Fprmr1 243 24
Jealousy and Kisses Murasakibara x Reader
"(Name), can we talk?" You look over to your shoulder after hearing a familiar voice that you haven't heard for almost 5 years.
You were watching the practice game of Yosen, when he came. It was your first love - but not exactly your first boyfriend.
"Ah, it’s you, Tsukamoto." You noted, your eyes twitched slightly the moment you call him with his surname- normally you are used to call him with his first---but that was five years ago- when you were still in junior high.
"Tsukamoto?" He smirked at the name, "the last time we talked was over the internet right? - You were crying-"
"Yet, I was happy for you." You interrupted him. "It’s something we shouldn't talk about anymore--why do you want to talk about anyway?" You asked, your eyes slowly moving back to the game that you are watching.
That moment you saw Himuro pass the ball to Murasakibara and he shoot the ball easily because he was under the basket, the Yosen students cheered, and you smiled at the achievement of your f
:icongekokujougirl:gekokujougirl 697 45



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